Yacht Restoration

We are specialists in yacht restoration. During one of our extensive yacht restorations no stone is left unturned.

First, starting with the hull, all damaged or rotten planks are replaced or repaired if possible, broken timber frames are replaced and all fixings are checked, tightened or replaced.

The hull can then be re-caulked or splined with timber, and all fixing holes plugged.

Keels are re-sealed and fixed with new bolts and a new paint or varnish system is applied.

Traditionally cut swept teak decks can be fitted, using only the finest Burma teak, with all deck fittings being re-chromed or polished to finish it off. (More about teak decking.)

It may then be necessary to fit a new interior, which can be done to your specification.

We employ the use of traditional and modern materials to return your vessel to its former glory.

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